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History of love potions



Love potions or aphrodisiacs  which are named after Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love  have been around for many century’s ,Throughout history, witch doctors and apothecaries have touted all manner of potions, gels and fragrances as miraculous sexual stimulants.

Certain foods — oysters, onions, honey, even raw bull`s testicles — are legendary for exciting the libido. The ancient Romans swore by a brew of delicately aromatic orchid leaves, while the ancient Egyptians went so far as to ban all seafood from the diet of celibate priests. Natives of the Orient once consumed garlic in liberal quantities as a spice for amorous dalliances. 


If you could get your hands on a love potion what type of potion would you want ? 

rekindle a lost love ?  divorce?  love potion ? etc you will never know till you give it a go  🙂



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